Going Away Gift Ideas

There are few thing which are as hard as saying goodbye to friend or colleague, knowing you might never see him/her again. But you gotta remember its actually hard for both those who are going away and those who are left behind. One way to stay in their memories is to make a nice party and make or get your friends nice going away presents. This can be done individually or as a group present. But you need going away gift ideas.


Going away gifts for friends

First rule is to get them a going away gift that you are sure they wont toss away. Something that can’t break easily beyond repair. So thing like personalized coffee mug or suitcase is a good idea as going away gifts for coworkers, but might not even make it to their new place. Gag gifts are also not good in this situation, as they are expendable. You should think of something like from the list I’m about to present to you if you want the best going away gifts for your special person.

Gift ideas for men are obviously going to be different than gift ideas for women. Same applies for gift ideas for mom – they will be different than gift ideas for girlfriend. Occasion is also important so, for example, retirement gift ideas should be serious and long lasting stuff, while some other occasion gifts can be way different.

Creative going away gifts

  • Their new city info. Get info on friends new town: get brochures on anything and everything, city magazines if there are some, info on social and cultural events there (concerts and exhibits). This will help them to get around new city much easier.
  • Photos of people they leave behind. Ask friends and co-workers to get some photos of your friend and them together, or just them if they don’t have photos together. You can arrange and glue together all these and get it framed. It wont cost you much since you can get frames in any craft shop, you don’t have to get it done in a special shop.
  • One of going away gifts people often forget is plants. Yes it is possible, if they are not moving far away, to give them a cutting from garden and include an instructions on how to grow it.
  • Another option, similar to the one above is to get your friend flowers of some plant delivered a few days after they settled. Dish gardens can be a great idea to make their new home look good. You can contact a flower shop close to their new home to deliver these.
  • Personalized cook book. This one is for those who love cooking. Each member of group can give your friend some of their favorite recipes. You should make it look like one book, retype recipes and insert them in a ring binder. You can use page protectors too if you want. You can include a photo of person who gave a recipes on the same page.
  • Another set of photos you can give as farewell present is photos of persons home, both inside and outside. We are all nostalgic sometimes and like to look back thinking of good times we had. This souvenir is something they will be coming back to very often.
  • If you are really close to your friend, you can give her a wine, or champagne to enjoy it when he/she gets settled in new place. You can agree to hava a toast together at same time each day as you cant be together.
  • As much as your friend needs info on their new town, you might also get them a book on your city. Check with local book stores, they will have some for sure. Have everyone signi on the book, or perhaps write a short message.

Good going away gifts which i though of

Last time I had to do going away party and gifts I gave my friend a gift card and a combination of cookbook and photobook. But this is simply a person that loves to cook, so it might not be best going away gift for your friend. Most important thing to remember is to start getting this stuff as early as possible. For example, it will take at least a week to get info on new town or photos organized framed. If you are out of time, just think how to make a going away party, and you can send them farewell gifts which take time to their new address. It will surely pleasantly surprise them and they will be glad you were so considerable.