40th Birthday Funny Gift Ideas

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Turning forty is considered a milestone in a person’s life. It is when you’re in that stage in your life where you’re not too young but also not too old.  Some people consider turning 40 to be stressful and they dread reaching that age. However, there are also people who feel excited about the prospect of reaching 40. Living for four decades is a highlight that deserves a grand celebration. Giving your friends or your loved ones a funny 40th birthday gift will surely make their day more memorable. If you search the internet, a lot of 40th birthday gift ideas that range from the affordable to luxurious are available.

If you are clueless about what to give your friend for their big day, here are some 40th birthday gift ideas that will surely surprise and please the celebrant.

  1.  Stuffs with “Over the hill” theme. This is one of the most common themes for a funny 40th birthday gift and there are a lot of options to choose from. You can look for things that, in a funny way, show the celebrant is “getting old”. Cakes with hilarious designs and toppers; warning signs for the elderly; fake reading glasses for an old man or woman; t-shirts, balloons and banners with funny taglines about being forty and other decorative items are some of the best 40th birthday gifts.  Walking canes with honking horns, potty night lights, elderly diapers, denture-shaped ice cube trays and “old fart” slippers are also considered funny 40th birthday gifts. It is also a good DIY 40th birthday gift idea is to fill a canister with “old people” essentials like handkerchiefs and laxatives. Filling the jar with sweets that she likes and attaching a comical tagline about being forty is one of the 40th birthday gift ideas for wives. 40th birthday gift
  1. Crude human anatomy items. This theme is mostly applicable for your male friends and loved ones turning 40. Talking about the most cringe-inducing bodily functions and excretions in the most foul-mouthed manner is all but part of a normal conversation between men. For some reason, they find this topic humorous and always include it in their jokes. It even becomes more appealing if it looks realistic and has sound effects. It is the reason why anything related to this theme would make a good 40th birthday gift. If you are planning to throw a party for the celebrant, a unique 40th birthday gift for him would include giving him a fanny floss ­– for hard to reach places, a toilet bowl coffee mug, a fart machine remote control, a poop pen holder, a poop coin bank and doo darts. The classic fart game is also a crowd favorite. Any present that resembles something smelly or crude like “The Gentleman’s Fart Button” is always considered a fine choice as a 40th birthday gift for men you know. 
  1. 40th birthday giftsSex-related bits and pieces. Gifts that connote sex will always have an endless appeal for many men and women, regardless of their age. Gag gifts in line with this theme include breast salt and pepper shakers, naked tees for golf, a breast mug, a sperm bank money box for coins and a huge inflatable willie. You can also give the celebrant a cake designed like a sexy woman or a naked man as a 40th birthday gift. For male birthday celebrants, a dashboard pole dancer trinket or boob earmuffs as a 40th birthday gift for him is guaranteed to give him delight. For a 40th birthday gift idea for women, a pillow with the face of her favorite sexy celebrity would also be an excellent 40th birthday gift idea for her.
  2. 40th birthday gift ideasAnything related to alcohol and liquor. In any celebration, alcohol is almost always considered an essential part of the party. It sure is pleasing to have the celebrant participate in a funny game that involves alcohol consumption. Ideas for 40th birthday gifts for men with this theme include fake beer bellies, which let you “hide your carry ins” under your shirt while actually acting as a beer dispenser, and belts that act like gun holsters but are fit for beer cans instead. An example of a 40th birthday gift for women with this theme is a wine rack bra that can be conveniently worn to concerts and events. A wine rack bra is a sports bra that doubles as a wine or beer dispenser. Other funny ideas for a 40th birthday gift with an alcohol-related theme are beer hats, tequila bandoliers, a toilet beer koozie, an old man whizzer liquor dispenser and binocular flasks for drinking. There are also gifts that cover multiple themes like the boob beer cover with a nipple sipper and beer condom holders, which are both related to the alcohol and sex themes. 
  1. Sports-themed objects. 40th birthday gifts that are related to sports have an unwavering appeal to any celebrant. Surprise the birthday celebrant with gifts like the hook, line and “stinker” toilet fishing game; “buck” the animated trophy, which is a deer and antler wall decoration; “oh shit” golf balls; potty putter toilet game; bulls eye toilet paper; a golf club fly swatter or a pistol remote control. If the birthday celebrant is a martial arts enthusiast, a karate trophy wine stopper will surely put him or her in high spirits. For more 40th birthday gag gift ideas, search the internet for items that are related to the celebrant’s favorite sport or hobby.
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