Top Twenty College Graduation Gift Ideas

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A college graduation is a celebration of the students’ achievement and marks the start of another journey. It symbolizes new beginnings and marks the start of the journey into the “real world”. Graduating from college is a major feat; and it is not uncommon for family members and friends, especially parents, to want to give a college graduation gift. Consider some ideas from this list when you are looking for something special to give to a graduate. We guarantee that it will be one of the best college graduation gifts they will ever receive.

It is challenging to come up with a nice present that will be memorable for the graduate. Budget is always a big factor when choosing what to give, but here are some ideas for college graduation gifts that won’t break your bank account.

  1. Vacation

 Happy woman smiling in her graduation dayA vacation can vary from a trip to a nearby resort to a grand tour to Europe, Asia or any place you feel the graduate would enjoy visiting. It is no doubt a costly graduation gift, but it will surely be very much appreciated by the graduate. A trip to a foreign land could also be educational, and it exposes the graduate to other cultures and will make him or her look at the world from a different perspective. If your daughter, sister or a female friend is graduating from college, a trip to their dream destination is a nice college graduation gift for her. A vacation is one of the best college graduation gifts you could ever give.

  1. Laptop

A new laptop computer is an ideal gift for a college graduate. A laptop could be very useful for college graduates in their job search. Brands, models and features vary so carefully assess any laptop and compare it with other ones on the market before buying. Choose something that will complement the personality and lifestyle of the graduate. Although it is best if you can afford a new one, since this is a pricy gift, you can find refurbished versions with reasonable warranties if you really want to give a laptop.

  1. Smart tablet

Tablets essentially function almost the same as laptops except that they have touch screens and are easier to carry. As a college graduation gift, your graduate would surely be happy to receive one. Although an Apple iPad is the more popular tablet on the market, other brands such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony, Lenovo Ideapad and Toshiba Libretto function excellently too. Recently, there are also tablets that can be attached to detachable keyboards, making it ideal for work and play functions. There are also tablets that are compatible with a stylus for drawing and taking notes, such as the ThinkPad Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Tab. There are endless uses for a tablet, and it would be to the graduate’s advantage if you can give him or her one as a college graduation gift.

  1. Money

college graduation gifts for himMoney always makes a great graduation gift. It can come in the form of a savings fund, a check or cash. Although it is not the most sentimental gift and the most effortless to give, it can be very helpful for a college graduate. Right after college, they may not find a job so easily and there are bills to pay, so giving money as a gift for him or her would surely be appreciated.

  1. Sports or concert tickets

It is understandably normal to skip out on concerts and games when you are in college. A lot of people, especially men, are interested in sports; and both men and women have an interest on music so giving them tickets to a concert or a game is a great college graduation gift. It is like making up for all the fun they missed when they were still in school. Giving seasonal tickets is an even greater college graduation gift idea. Who would refuse the chance to watch an entire season of games or concerts, right?

  1. Bose speakers

For graduates who are music enthusiasts, receiving Bose speakers could mean a lot. With its high-quality sound, Bose speakers are one of the best speakers available and they deliver better music than other conventional speakers. This is a terrific graduation gift idea.

  1. A collection of gift cards

Gift cards are as special as any other college graduation gift, especially if it is from different stores that the graduate loves. The sky’s the limit on how much and how many gift cards you are going to give, and this is most suitable as a college graduation gift for girls. From the common Starbucks, Target and Best Buy to high-end shops like Balenciaga, Prada and Chanel, these cards easily please anyone who receive them. Just place them in an envelope or a box and have the box wrapped nicely. If you know a woman who’s graduating, gift cards would be an excellent college graduation gift for her.

  1. Home essentials for the first apartment

college graduation gift ideasGraduating from college also means moving in into your own apartment. For the graduate’s first venture into independent living, you can give him or her a box filled with home essentials like bed sheets, pillows, kitchenware and lamps. If you are unsure what they already have in their place, you can just give the graduate a gift card she or he can use to purchase what is needed.

  1. Sports club/Gym membership

A year’s membership at the graduate’s favorite gym is also a nice college graduation gift. It takes additional expenses off their back and is the easiest choice for health-conscious graduates. Some graduates might also enjoy sports like golf or tennis and would be glad to receive a membership at their favorite sports club as a gift.

  1. Digital camera

At this age of selfies and digital photography, everybody could benefit from a good camera, especially those who are photography enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what their skill level is, a good camera will be appreciated and used for years. Don’t forget to include a memory card if you decide to give your graduate a camera for a college or high school graduation gift.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelries are always considered a classic and special gift. They also make for a good personalized graduation gift. You can have it engraved with the graduate’s name and date of graduation to commemorate the occasion. Giving a piece of jewelry would be a nice college graduation gift for daughters. The prices for jewelry always vary and always consider the graduate’s personal preferences before you decide what jewelry to give.

  1. Bicycle

best college graduation giftsBicycles serve both a practical and recreational purpose. Giving a bicycle is a thoughtful college graduation gift idea. Any graduate would appreciate receiving a cruiser or a mountain bike, and it is one of the unique college graduation gifts.

  1. Smart phone

Although cell phones are a necessity these days, fresh graduates might not be able to afford a decent one. Monthly rates can be challenging so it will be handy for a graduate to receive a new smart phone.

  1. Cars

Cars, whether brand new or second-hand, will be a big boost to the graduate especially when he or she starts working. A reasonable practical car will be the college graduation gift of a lifetime.

  1. An eReader

If your graduate is someone who loves burying their nose in books, this will be the best college graduation gift. This product is classified into three: the black-and-white e-ink reader, the 7-inch color LCD media tablet and the full-screen color tablet like the Apple iPad. Amazon’s Kindle is the top brand and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet follows suit.

  1. Flying lessons

If your graduate has an adventurous spirit, he or she can enjoy introductory flying lessons. Flying lessons usually fall under the category of college graduation gifts for men. There are gift certificates available for helicopter flying lessons as well as for flying a Cesna and biplane. There are dozens of cities all over the country that have this program like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas.

  1. Music system

Gcollege graduation giftive your loved one the privilege of listening to good music by giving him or her an audio system as a college graduation gift. They can enjoy music from their phones or computers and even tablets with a good audio system. A music system would be a good college graduation gift for boyfriends. You can also accompany this college graduation gift idea with a matching playlist of the graduate’s favorite songs to make it more memorable and personal.

  1. Flat screen TV

A medium or large flat screen television set would perfectly complement any college graduate’s abode, especially if it is high definition. You do not need to be intimidated with the cost of this college graduation gift. Prices have dropped rapidly in the past months. A flat screen TV is a practical gift that any graduate will be glad to have in his or her home.

  1. New wardrobe

College graduates are most likely to meet new people and make new friends. It would be to their benefit if you give them a new wardrobe, especially if the graduate wants a career in the corporate world or work abroad. As a college graduation gift, give him or her something that’s basic and can be worn in the workplace. You can also give them a gift card so they can personally shop for their new clothes.

  1. Stocks

Stock bonds are one of the best graduation gifts and are highly valuable. Giving stock bonds shows how much trust you have for the graduate. It also sends a message that he or she has to be more conscious and responsible about money and future investments.

Any of these college graduation gift ideas will honor the graduate’s achievement. College graduations mark a person’s journey into another phase in life. Entering into this new phase can be both exciting and frightening. College graduation gifts mean that you acknowledge how far they have come. It can also give them the needed boost to start their careers right and not be afraid for what lies ahead.

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Ideas And Themes For The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift

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A wedding anniversary is a celebration of love and time. It celebrates the couple’s strength and their victories over the trials of their relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are hopeless romantics or practical spenders, wedding anniversaries are always considered special occasions. The best way to mark this exceptional event is by giving your spouse a wedding anniversary gift.

There are traditional names that are given for some specific wedding anniversaries. The more common ones are silver for the 25th year, gold for the 50th year and diamond for the 60th year. There are also corresponding traditional gifts for these anniversaries, but whether you opt to be customary or modern in buying anniversary gifts, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Preparing for a wedding anniversary celebration is exciting but could also be tiring. There’s no need to be intimidated when choosing an anniversary gift for your spouse. Here are some brilliant ideas to help you.

Top Ideas For Wedding Anniversary Parties

 wedding anniversary giftsSince anniversaries are hallmark occasions, it is best to celebrate it with a party. Anniversaries are the perfect occasion to throw a party and celebrate with friends and family. If you intend to give your spouse a party as an anniversary gift, start by informing everybody you wish to invite to the occasion. You can formally send out printed invitations or just call or email them. This should be easy since there are numerous customizable invitations that come with RSVP cards available online. Celebrating a major anniversary is also a wonderful time to renew your wedding vows. It would be wonderful to be once again reminded of the day you professed your love for each other in front of the important people in your life and made a vow to spend the rest of your life with your spouse.

Odes, Poems And Love Verses For Wedding Anniversaries

You can express your love for your spouse any time, but it would be extra meaningful when you do it on your wedding anniversary. To make your expression of love dreamier, use love poems, verses and ditties. Making a poem as a wedding anniversary gift is guaranteed to make your spouse’s heart swoon. But when it is just difficult to put to words what you really feel, you can always search the thousands of love notes and poems found online and in libraries, and you will surely come across something that best describes how much love you have for your spouse.

Romantic Ideas For A Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Being able to charm your loved one is the best feeling in the world, especially when you do it on your wedding anniversary. Whatever you give him or her as an anniversary gift will surely be treasured forever in their heart. Your spouse will certainly talk about your wedding anniversary gift among his or her circle of friends, even in social media networks. It does not need to be expensive, you can be frugal and still have a wedding anniversary gift that will make your spouse happy. For example, you can wake up early and prepare his or her favorite special breakfast on the day of your anniversary. A romantic 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea would be a nice homemade dinner and a good massage when he or she comes home from work. There are a lot of things you can do for your spouse, whether it is for a 5th anniversary gift, a 10th wedding anniversary gift or a 50th wedding anniversary gift.

Great Anniversary Gifts For Him

anniversary gift ideasIn general, it is harder to find a gift for men. If your husband could not be easily impressed, it can be challenging to come up with wedding anniversary gift ideas for him. You can avoid this frustration by booking a hotel where you can spend your evening together. This would be a great 10th wedding anniversary gift idea for him. Invite him to a romantic evening in a hotel that you haven’t tried. You can ask the staff to make special room arrangements so you can have a wonderful time together. If you do not have time to check into a hotel, you can give him his favorite watch or perfume. If he is into music, create a playlist of his favorite songs. It would be a lovely anniversary gift. Preparing a video greeting from people close to your husband is an ingenious 30th wedding anniversary gift. It would surely make him feel good to see the people who have supported your union, even just in videotape.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Men always want their gifts to impress the women in their life. You can buy her a diamond jewelry if you can afford one. This is certainly a fitting gift for your wedding anniversary. But if you do not have the resources for diamonds, you can still make your wife feel special. You can plan a romantic weekend for the two of you. Take charge of all the arrangements so she could just enjoy being with you. Anniversaries only come once a year, and it is a good time to pamper your wife. There are numerous wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife if you search the internet.

Modern And Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

anniversary giftsJust as there are numerous ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary, there are also several means to give gifts for this momentous occasion. Ideally, there are traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas that correspond for each anniversary. For example, for 5th anniversary gift ideas, it is traditional to give your spouse something made of wood. A traditional 8th wedding anniversary gift would be something made of bronze or pottery. For 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas, rubies are both traditional and modern. Flowers are also a classic, and you can give a glorious flower arrangement to your husband or wife as an anniversary gift. This is a sweet first anniversary gift idea.

If you prefer to celebrate the modern way, jewelries are considered modern gifts. Silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold and pearls are appropriate to give on certain years as wedding anniversary gifts. If you are looking to invest in something that at the same time would also make your spouse happy, these stones perfectly fit the criteria. Seeing your spouse’s reaction when he or she sees your wedding anniversary gift will surely make your investment worth it.

Distance Doesn’t Matter When You Want To Share The Love

In today’s modern technology, expressing our love for our spouse, even if you are apart, is no longer a problem. A lot of media platforms are within reach, and communicating with your loved one and giving them an anniversary gift is no longer a setback.

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