5 details to decide before hiring a wedding photographer

If you’re here, it’s because you’re probably getting married and looking for a wedding photographer. Surely you have realized that a wedding entails a lot of work, and thousands of decisions.

Before hiring a good photographer, because you do not want to portray the most important day of your life with an amateur, you must clarify certain details. This guide of maui wedding photographers tips will help you put your ideas in order, so you can find exactly what you want.

The style:

All wedding photography has details, its own style.

Have you seen pictures of old weddings? The photos of the couple assume rigid positions next to each other, or one seated and one standing. As for the bridesmaids, friends and family, they tend to pose in a linear fashion, one next to the other.

Although it seems simple, because the cameras were not what they are now, for some less is more. Nowadays, much can be achieved with that simple and formal style.

However, originality is currently preferred; and to get it you need a pretty nimble wedding photographer. Look for photographs with dynamic poses, not static, where the personality of the couple and their companions is captured.


The edition:

Paying attention to the issue is one of the most important wedding photography tips we could give you. You may have gotten a first-class makeup artist for you and your guests, but a photograph without an edition is a cake without sugar, it lacks the main thing.

Your wedding photographer will have a professional camera, and the professional cameras will take the most beautiful details of your dress … As well as your pores and those of your partner, sweat, for example, will be very visible.

A good photographer, currently, not only makes beautiful photographs but also knows how to edit them. He will take care of removing those extra little details and leave, even enhance, those who do the photography.

When your photographer shows you an album with your portfolio look at the definition of the faces, the sharpness of the color. After all, he is going to portray a very special day for you and you will not want blurred or dull memories.

The place:

It is necessary to clarify that we do not refer only to the place of the wedding, but the spaces where the other photos will be taken. A wedding photographer who pays attention to details will offer more than one location to take photos.

The environment plays an important role, not only because of the preparations, but because photography is a game of light. The expression and intensity of colors are governed by light, if you do not believe us try taking different photos of yourself at different times in any space of your home.


Of course, you will think that everything is solved with flash, but most photographers look for natural light to make their compositions. She brings realism and, worth the redundancy, naturalness to the photos. So, it’s completely different to take pictures outdoors than in a studio.

In the open air you will be surrounded by people and the environment can not be controlled; so the photographer will ask you to be present in the place at a precise time, because it is the moment when he considers that the light will be more favorable for you and your photos.


In a study the environment is controlled, you will not have people walking or children playing around you. The light comes from spotlights, and maybe also from the flash. Your dress will have more chances to look flawless, but it will never achieve the same color contrast as in the outdoors.

– Take into account a tip for these wedding photographs, in both places you will feel heat and sweat.

The photographer could combine natural and artificial light but, as we already clarified, it is best to opt for natural light.

The wedding video:

How can we not make a video of our wedding? It is another way to bring this great day to posterity and it is not worth rejecting the idea without investigating well.

There are videos for all kinds of budgets, from compilations to previews. There is nothing better to commemorate details than wedding photography and videos.

Of course, to choose a good photographer to take charge of the video you must take into account the previous points, because there are many options to make the video. You can choose to make your video fun and dynamic, dramatic and beautiful, traditional … Or all of the above together. A thousand and one mixes are possible with the right photographer, you just have to watch the video of Nicky and Dean to check it.

It seems strange to be able to include so many emotions in a 20-minute video? Well it is, with photography and video, plus a good edition, the limit is heaven.