Long Distance Relationship Gift

Long Distance Relationship Gifts – Jewelry

It’s important to find out what interests do you two have in common, so the gift will be something you’ll both like. If it’s true love, nothing really big is expected, something small and silly should do it. Of course you can buy something expensive if you have extra money,  but it won’t affect your relationship much. Probably, depends on your commitment.

Now to the actual gifts. We’re talking about jewellery here. Rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Necklace as a going away gift

Ever seen one of those necklaces which you can tear apart in two? Now that’s a good idea. Is it going to be a heart, a bird or whatever( something what both of you like ), each one of you has the other half. And that’s the point, you both have necklaces with one part of something, but you can put them together only when you are near each other, If you have one of those, it’s obvious that you are probably taken and are someone’s half, which might prevent flirting if they get it right. And, well, if that’s what you want.


Bracelets are useful since most of them is unisex, everybody loves wearing them. So, why don’t you buy two same ones, give one to your partner, and leave one for youself? Maybe get one with your partner’s name, and he/she does the same. You can talk about that, see what you like. Or a bracelet with some special quote. Quote which you two keep saying all the time, one of your favourite lyrics, or quote which can be found in a book which you both read and hold onto.


Rings are mostly referred to marriages and serious stuff, but if you get ring which is cool and awesome enough, marriage is the last thing coming to your partner’s mind. Of course you can get a ring for you two with some quote or special notch, but that will probably look too serious, and I suggest you to avoid that, unless you’re sure you’re building a commitment, or you’re already in the relationship for long enough. But if you’re not, you wanna do something cute and silly, based on your common interests.

If both of you are rock/punk/metal lovers, why not getting a jewellery containing those references? Music was just an example, but you get the point, and it’s valid for all types of jewellery, also for the other things.

Jewellery is good since it’s practical, easy to have around, and you both can talk about it to see what you like, and what you’re planning to buy for yourselves to remind you of one another.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Mostly, men are not open and emotional as women are, but they surely couldn’t resist to give you a kiss and a hug for your well-though gift, and they time and effort spent. He will appreciate it, that’s for sure.

Some of the ideas:

Something casually romantic.

Being creative and thoughtful about a perfect gift for someone is definitely better than something extremely expensive. If your boyfriend occasionally gives you flowers, why not return the favor? Give him a fancy vase of roses, white or red, you’ll be the only girl in his life who gave him flowers. It’s gonna be lovely and extremely cute, yet original and special.

Of course there is something more simple to do. Simple birthday party, cook his favourite food, bake awesome cake, invite friends over. He’ll surely love it, make it a surprise.

Maybe some kind of love notes, especially if you’re dating for a while and feel like it’s turning too serious. This will appear as cute, as you’re in fresh, young love. Leave the notes all over the place during the way where he’s gonna find them. Little similing during the day, thinking of your loved one just sounds irresistible.

Something he desires.

If there is some kind of gadget, phone, music player, headset or any other thing he wants, and you can afford to buy it, do it. He’s gonna love it, you can’t miss with that since it’s something he wants.

Something naughty.

 A new boxers, with special fabric is a funny, yet intimate gift is definitely gonna remind him of your intimate times spent together.

Something traditional

A gift baskets are always an option with any gift. You might wanna give him one with wine, some chocolates, movie and such which you two can use in spending evening together, and enjoy in it together.

If he’s a suit guy, get him a tie, a watch for a wrist or something that’s gonna fit his current suit. Staying fancy never brought any troubles.

Something saying „I love you“

If you’re insanely in love and want to express your feels, you can openly speak to him about it, or make a letter containing everything you want, each part of your feelings. If you’re not there yet, and you want to be, giving him a key to your house/apartment is definitely „I love you, let’s go to the next level“ thing.

Also, be careful not to push it too far if you don’t feel like it, or it’s not the time. What matters is how you two feel about each other, how comfortable you feel around your loved one. It’s really doesn’t matter how much you spend, it’s about your feelings, do what you think is right.