How to choose the perfect engagement

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

There is a moment that changes everything which is the engagement! That instant in which they run out of breath, while they take a couple of seconds to process what happens.
How to choose the perfect engagement

The role of the ring

When speaking of declarations of love, undoubtedly, the diamond is the number one to complement any engagement ring. After all, it is the strongest stone of nature, without forgetting to be also the most luxurious. The perfect material balances the bright and delicate conferring beauty and a sense of desire or achievement.

While a diamond ring is the perfect sign of commitment and irrevocable true love for a lifetime. Your choice should not be taken lightly. Then how to know what is the ideal? Follow these 5 simple steps:

Who is the ring for?

Obviously this is clear to the groom, but not the jewelry. The selection of the ideal piece varies depending on many factors, coming into play preferences and what looks to the girl in question.

That is why, when entering the search for this important jewelry, it is common to have to answer questions about the bride: how she dresses, what her job is, what are her hobbies, what stands out in her personality, and they even show a photograph before receiving a tip on the most appropriate one.

The goal is to buy the one that makes you illusion, without obsessing about the size of the stone or raving if it will be little or much, the fundamental thing is the symbolism, which represents the essence of what you feel for each other. In simpler words, what is truly essential is its meaning. After all, it will be a jewelry that will be a special part of your life. Your choice must be a direct reflection of the bride’s personality.

Search without company

The jewelry will be the only ally in this adventure. It is a mistake to support the idea of ​​finding the perfect ring in the company of his mother or the girlfriends’ friends. The reason for the dimension is that women and men are fixed in different aspects of a jewelry.

The most likely thing is that they keep the prospect of an outstanding diamond, which looks more and which is higher. When the reality is that specialists advise giving more importance to crimping. What does this mean? Although it should be the central focus, it is not appropriate to give it excessive height, the brides of today want to wear their ring every day without worrying about hitting it.

The stone

For excellence, solitaire is the recommended piece for being classic, simple and with personality. The best thing about diamonds is that each one has characteristics that make them unique. Of all the alternatives, it is a diamond “river” one of the most recommended for being totally colorless.

The certification of the piece is governed by an international code endorsed by the American Gemological Institute of four variables called “4 C”: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The first defines the beauty of the stone and the second measures the purity.

For its part, the ideal is that a diamond engagement is colorless. Although almost none is perfectly transparent. Regarding the carats, they are the ones that give the weight and the size but do not determine the value of the diamond, because the price is given by the confluence of the four C.


According to the opinion of multiple jewelers, men come to the stores with the idea of ​​personalizing the engagement rings they are going to buy, apparently enjoying telling their future fiancés “I designed it myself”. Details as simple as changing the shape of the piece or recording a message inside, make the jewelry pieces unique and with greater emotional value.

Technology for everything

If you have a smartphone, you will have an incredible world of possibilities, with the help of your iPhone or Android phone you will find specially designed applications to choose the perfect engagement ring. Thanks to them, it is possible to have key tools that help, for example, to determine the exact size of the ring.

If you have a photograph of the hand of the bride, you will get a clear visualization of how the different proposal rings will look. Also, the application provides the opportunity to share the most feasible models with acquaintances in order to receive opinions and, once she has accepted, communicate the commitment through social networks.


Tips for buying an engagement ring

Tips for buying an engagement ring

If you are thinking about getting married with the person you love, maybe you have thought about buying engagement rings to formalize the commitment that exists between the two. For many people this purchase represents a heavy expense before the wedding.

Tips for buying an engagement ring

Here are some suggestions so that your finances are not affected if you are thinking of proposing a marriage soon:

  • Consider how much you can spend. Consider how much you can invest in the ring taking into account the financial commitments you already have, as well as the budget you have set aside for this purpose. Visit different establishments until you find something that suits your budget.
  • Take advantage of the months without interest. There are many jewelries that launch promotions to months without interest at different times of the year, you can use your credit card and thus make smaller payments instead of having to pay a very strong amount in a single exhibition.
  • Save. If you are thinking of doing it within six months or more you can assign a monthly fee until you get the amount you want. Save now so that when the time comes to buy it you have the amount you had budgeted.
  • Get a credit. Among the options for acquiring an engagement ring, there is also that of credit. You can request a personal loan, and go paying the jewelry little by little. This can be a solution if you do not have much money at the moment, or if you have many expenses related to this stage of your life.
  • Look for a professional jewelry. Go to established places, and make sure that the jewelry you buy has its certificate of authenticity, as well as a ticket that lists the characteristics of the stone or diamond you are buying.
  • Visit pawnshops. These institutions, often, have jewels of this nature in very good condition, which their owners could not rescue. Therefore, it is a good idea to approach them to explore this possibility.
  • Protect your investment. Once you buy the ring, consider hiring some insurance to protect it in case of theft or loss, these services are available in the jewelry houses, and are usually accessible, even if the price of the ring is too high.

Remember that an engagement ring is an investment for life. Make a planned purchase according to your possibilities, especially do not rush and take your time before making a decision.

Long Distance Relationship Gift

Long Distance Relationship Gifts – Jewelry

It’s important to find out what interests do you two have in common, so the gift will be something you’ll both like. If it’s true love, nothing really big is expected, something small and silly should do it. Of course you can buy something expensive if you have extra money,  but it won’t affect your relationship much. Probably, depends on your commitment.

Now to the actual gifts. We’re talking about jewellery here. Rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Necklace as a going away gift

Ever seen one of those necklaces which you can tear apart in two? Now that’s a good idea. Is it going to be a heart, a bird or whatever( something what both of you like ), each one of you has the other half. And that’s the point, you both have necklaces with one part of something, but you can put them together only when you are near each other, If you have one of those, it’s obvious that you are probably taken and are someone’s half, which might prevent flirting if they get it right. And, well, if that’s what you want.


Bracelets are useful since most of them is unisex, everybody loves wearing them. So, why don’t you buy two same ones, give one to your partner, and leave one for youself? Maybe get one with your partner’s name, and he/she does the same. You can talk about that, see what you like. Or a bracelet with some special quote. Quote which you two keep saying all the time, one of your favourite lyrics, or quote which can be found in a book which you both read and hold onto.


Rings are mostly referred to marriages and serious stuff, but if you get ring which is cool and awesome enough, marriage is the last thing coming to your partner’s mind. Of course you can get a ring for you two with some quote or special notch, but that will probably look too serious, and I suggest you to avoid that, unless you’re sure you’re building a commitment, or you’re already in the relationship for long enough. But if you’re not, you wanna do something cute and silly, based on your common interests.

If both of you are rock/punk/metal lovers, why not getting a jewellery containing those references? Music was just an example, but you get the point, and it’s valid for all types of jewellery, also for the other things.

Jewellery is good since it’s practical, easy to have around, and you both can talk about it to see what you like, and what you’re planning to buy for yourselves to remind you of one another.

Music Going Away Gifts

Music Going Away Gifts

It doesn’t matter in which way you’re related to the person you’re planning to give a musical present to, is it your boyfriend/girlfriend, a family member, a friend or whoever; what matters is their interest into music. Do they just generally like listening to music, are they studying about it, are they playing an instrument, are they in a band, or maybe even professional musician. It’s important to level their commitment to music, to know how much it means to them, how big part of their lives is it. It’s what helps you to choose a perfect unforgettable

Music Gifts in General

A simple T-Shirt or hoodie with any quote from lyrics or with a picture of their favorite band or a singer is a present that never gets old. It makes you proud wearing it around, showing off, and it’s probably one of the best gift ideas ever, for any type of people. You can absolutely never go wrong with that.

You might want to buy them the newest album of their favourite band if they didn’t buy it yet. They will be able to listen to it anywhere, and remember of you.

Special guitar picks are one of the coolest things ever, no matter is the person actually a guitar or any stringed instrument player or not. Any special, rare guitar picks, maybe signed from a celebrity, specially detailed with awesome drawing, with notched lyrics – anything they like, they can also wear it as a necklace attachment.
Music Going Away

Mini speaker(s)  which they can have around anywhere, anytime. Just plug it in your phone and enjoy music with others in an awesome, practical way.

Headphones, not earphones, but headphones, the bigger, cooler ones which everybody wants. There are all kinds, different colors and shapes. It’s definitely one of the coolest gifts.

Earrings turned unisex today, pretty much everybody wants to or already wears them. Guitar earring, music note earring or anything similar to that is an amazing way to show how much you care about someone.

Musical mugs may not be as cool, but they are popular gifts, since you can print anything on them, just like with T-Shirts, only probably less costed. If your relation with a person is true, they will surely appreciate it.

Gifts for musicians

For instrument players, if you can and are enough wealthy to buy them an actual instrument they play(make sure it’s better than the one they already have), there’s not a reason on why not to, they will probably go happy more than ever, and appreciate you like no one else.

If no, there are a lot of other cool things to buy:

Metronome: A metronome is a device that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) — settable in beats per minute and is a great and useful thing to practice with, it shouldn’t be too costly.

A capo is a device used on the neck of a stringed (typically fretted) instrument to shorten the playable length of the strings, hence raising the pitch. It is frequently used on guitars. I myself have been given it twice since I’m a guitar player, and it was more than useful and nice gift.

Tuner is a small device used to properly adjust the instrument sound. Very, very helpful, since your instrument needs to be properly tuned in order to play and have the beautiful sound you need.

Drum Sticks – I think we all know what those are, and it seems to be cool gift for a drummer.

Strings – If a person is playing instrument containing strings, be advised that they don’t last forever, and they’re not too cheap. If you suprise them with those, they will surely appreciate it. Find out what kind of they are, and make sure you don’t buy them wrong ones!

Going Away Gifts for Girlfriend

Going Away Gifts for Girlfriend Ideas

Cute going away gifts for your girlfriend who might be going away for some time are hard to find. Going away gift ideas for boyfriend are much easier to think of as it might be gag gift, but you can’t buy such a thing for your girlfriend or wife. Gifts for her can include some very expensive stuff, but it might be a cheap one, made by you. I would say unique gifts are best, and would suggest that it is something she can carry with her to remember you at all times. Pictures of you both for wallet or similar stuff make a very good going away present for your loved one.

Buy her a teddy bear or any cute stuffed animal and spray your cologne over it. Even better, give her your cologne so she can spray over it again when it fades. She can also use it for clothes and wear a shirt smelling like you.Write her a love letter but make sure it doesn’t sound artifical, make it original, say what you really think and how do you feel about having her, what does she mean to you. Maybe decorate it with her favourite flowers or some cute silly sticker which you know she’ll like and find it silly and caring. Also, cooking with your girlfriend never goes wrong. Get ingredients for her favourite food. Leave the letter with flowers in your house, place the ingredients around it nicely, then bring her over to your place. She will be astonished.

If you’re creative enough and you have a lot of pictures of her and you, why not making an album of them and giving it to her.

There is also those stuffed animals, teddy bears, which have sound in themselves. You can record your voice saying anything, should be something like „I love you“, right now in your position, or anything you wanna say to her. Anytime she squeezes the teddy bear she will hear it, hear your voice saying something to her, despite the fact that you’re not near her.

Make a mix of songs you both love, it’s totally great and simple idea and good reminder of your loved one.

If you really want to stay in full touch, make sure she has a webcam or something, depends on how do you plan to communicate with her.

One of the best going away gifts is clothes, something to wear. Don’t buy anything in a shop, give her your own part of clothes, smelling like you, like warm hoodie or pair of jeans which she fits into. She can cuddle with it and have a smell of you where ever she is.

Give her a vase with several red roses, but make sure one is fake. Then you’ll say „I’ll stop loving you when the last rose dies“. It’s funny, because it won’t die.

Jewellery is always an option, most of the girls love them. Such as necklaces, maybe the one which she can put your picure into. A ring, representing eternity and your endless love. A watch so she knows what time it is. Purses and shoes are not bad idea, depending on what she likes.

Make sure to spend atleast one full day with her before she leaves, doing anyhing she wants, make it best day of her life so far is possible. Although I doubt it has to be anything too special if it’s true love.

And of course, make sure to give her a big kiss just before you separate!

Mothers Gift

Ideas For You Mothers Gift

We all love our moms, and we use gifts as some kind of „thank you“ for their endless love and care. Mothers will appreaciate any kind of gift, they can’t refuse anything given by their children. But still, you wanna give her perfect present to show how much you happy you are with her being your mom.

A massage coupon or few free days in spa is great idea, especially if your mom is older person, and has back or any other body pain as older people usually do. Make it easier for her, suprise her that way, she will feel reborn.

Gift cards are very simple, but if your mom likes shopping it’s a great gift. Giving her a movie tickets is perfect if she likes going to cinema.

Your own hand crafted items is something mothers always appreciate. Think about it, what does your mom love and wants, and you can make it by yourself? If you’re creative enough and have some experience, why not?

Gift baskets are great, you can put a lot of stuff in there such as coffee, chocolate, stuffed teddy bear, tea, cups, fruit, or any stuff that comes to your mind. Is there a film your mom loves, and it’s not released yet? Buy it before her as a present to her, she will be amazed!

What gift would mother want?

Moms usually love family pictures. Make a portrait containing pictures of her and you, also other family members, all at one places. Maybe family photo album if you got enough pictures to use. A calendar for new year, having picture of someone each month.
Child giving mom a hug

Perfumes and jewellery can be a bit risky stuff to buy, for anyone in general, not just for your mother. Search up a bit on what does she like, ask for an advice, you’ll make something up. Make sure it’s not too cheap or too expensive!

Your mom tries to stay healthy and active? Why not paying her visits to gym and buying her needed outfit or gear she will use, she will save money and do what she wants that way. Flowers, classic, but never too old. Decorate them nicely, maybe with a small „I love you, Mom“ message. Also tickets for concert are amazing gift if your mom’s favorite band or any group is coming to your town.

Do Something Nice for Mother as a Gift

How about you organize a family meal, and cook everything, asking others to help, so your mom doesn’t do anything. Make her favorite food, a cake or anything she loves. Give her a day off, since moms always tend to do everything themselves for their loved ones. Prove her wrong, you can do something too.

Despite the fact that gifts referring to kitchen are very useful, don’t give them to her, it’s not really polite. Like you’re saying: „Here you go, now make me food!“. Keep that in mind, you want your mom to feel special, not throw more stuff on her back. And make sure, you give her a big, lovely hug!

Gift for Your Father

How to Pick a Gift for Your Father

You want to thank your dad, with a present, for always being there for you. The man who has been protecting you ever since you were born, the guy who would do anything for you. He still does the same, and now it’s your turn to prove yourself, thanking him.

You probably don’t want to give him such as shoes, a tie, a shirt or similar. Especially if he’s older, he’s had enough of that kind of presents. Make something different, something new that’s gonna place a smile on his face. Your goal is to make him feel loved and respect, not old.
Gift for father

Dad Gift doesn’t have to be for Old People

If he loves cooking, a cooking handbook would be nice, why not to learn, and help his wife, it will tighten their relationship, give it life.

A movie ticket to cinema, preferably a comedy, why not to laugh once in a while, especially if you’re  a bit older, and need to add some fun to your regular, boring day.

He cares about his car, keeps it clean and fancy? Buy him a mini vacuum or such, help him maintain his wonderful ride. He likes working around the house, it makes him feel useful? Buy him a toolbox, always comes in handy.

If he’s in love with literature, buy him a good book he always wanted to read, instead of borrowing it in the boring library.You can even make something by yourself that he’ll appreciate, after all, you know what he likes the best.

Birthday Gift For Crushes

Birthday Gift For Crushes

We have all been younger, if not still, and we know how it is to madly like someone, your crush. Sometimes, we keep it inside and it just dies silently with you, eating you while you should’ve show your feelings. On the other, better side, it finishes up with actually hooking up with the person, growing into more serious and stable relationship.

Of course you need guts to spill out your feelings for someone. It’s not the problem in talking, you’re afraid of refusal just like everyone else, and that’s okay. Their answer could be the scariest thing you’ve ever heard in your life.

Now, the right time to show feelings with a nice gift is their birthday. The present must show your caring for them, but yet no be too romantic. Of course it’s a hard choice, you don’t want to go wrong with that.

Guy Crush – 3 Birthday Gifts

DVD of some guy, manly movie you can’t go wrong with.

It’s not a secret that everybody, especially men love some good movies. Find out what kind of movies do they like and hey, you might end up watching it together with him.

Food gift basket

Who doesn’t like a snack basket, especially if it’s themed on something they simply love and go without. They’re useful for a nice party, socializing. And everybody loves something sweet.


A little pocket knives are useful and needed for everyone, and especially awesome thing for guys to have in their pockets. They are semi-functional, and can be taken anywhere with him.

Girl Crush –  3 Birthday Gifts

Gift Card

Everyone love gift cards, especially women. Especially if you haven’t decided on what to buy her, she’s that complicated and tough to read. You shouldn’t go wrong with it since it’s just a crush and once again, present shouldn’t be too much. This might even be perfect.

Gardening Kit

Usually people don’t like gardening, not every girl does it but if she has a place with a yard, gardening is a pretty nice hobby to be doing if you have nothing better to do. The gardening kit is pack of pretty small tools, and excellent to start with if your crush hasn’t worked with such as shovel yet.

Coffe and tea basket:

Business women, hard-working students and such tend to have cup of tea or a coffe during the day. Those baskets always contain some kind of cookies or such and that might makes your crush to invite you to enjoy them together as you were so nice to gift it.

Yet, nobody knows how you feel about your crush and you’re probably the only one who can know what’s the best gift to show those feelings.

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Spouse

Happy first wedding anniversary! Woah, you made a whole year in marriage with each other? Damn, that’s some love. You haven’t got bored. There’s still love, passion, care. So when it comes to this day, being married for one year already you’ll want to give your partner gift of appreciation and endless love, let’s make it 100 years more! But, what’s the perfect present? No worry, we got some awesome ideas for you!
First Wedding Anniversary

  1. Tickets. Possibilities are unlimited, but you know your in common interests! Is it gonna be tickets for concert, movie, theater play, sports match, amusement park, or some festival tickets? It can be expensive but yet you can go pretty cheap. Or maybe tickets to escape for the day, getaway, only two of you, romantic, huh?
  2. Books. If you and your partners are in love with literature and always in the mood for a good book, gift them a good one, one they’ve always wanted to read. Or one they might like, based on the genre they usually read.
  3. Bouquet of fake flowers. They shouldn’t be expensive at all, it depends. Point is that that flowers will never die unlike real ones. They will live as long as your love will, unless you decide to throw them out. Also if you’re creative, you could make them yourself.
  4. Photo Album. Are you collecting pictures of you two for a while now? Perfect way to put them all in one, and make a beautiful photo album full of memories in it. Or choose an awesome picture from wedding, decorate the special album for it.
  5. Paintings. If they’re kind of type who loves art, they won’t resist an amazing painting to hang in your bedroom or living room. Let it show the love, don’t get someone lousy cheap painting. If you’re an artist, paint one!
  6. Message in a bottle. Old idea, but still effective and extremely romantic. Poem, or love letter inside. Nobody resists reading those when dedicated to them. Write on how you feel. Don’t forget to decorate it nicely, be creative!

Of course there’s bunch of others ideas but nobody knows your spouse as good as you do. Just think harder, it’s not impossible to get perfect gift for them to love.

You can get some good ideas from this video also

Christmas Gift for Her

Christmas Gift for Her – Some Sound Advice

Getting the right thoughtful and present full of love for your girlfriend or your wife can definitely be hard, diffcult and stressful. There is quite a lot of things to keep an eye on. You wanna show her how much you appreciate her, how much she means to you. Well, is she your family member, friend or something more? Quite really doesn’t matter anymore since everybody, not only kids love to open up a perfect gift in the Christmas morning from „Santa“. So, let us help you with that.

Probably the least stressful way of purchasing this kind of gift is to order one, online, through the Internet. You’re at home, sitting nicely in the sofa, comfortably drinking cup of coffe or tea, and browsing through the web for a perfect present. You have it all at once exposed to you instead of getting pain in your legs from daily walking around the mall, examinating every single shop. From place where you feel safe, better decisions are made as you have time and circumstances to maturely think it through.
Christmas Gift for wife

You gotta be right at sizing if you’re choosing a clothing present for your wife or girlfriend. Everybody and especially women can get mad or disappointed if their present of too big or too small for them. To prevent that, you will want to find out their size by asking someone or even looking up at their wardrobe, but don’t get caught. If you wanna buy her a piece of jewellery like a ring, you gotta be careful and catch a sight of her taking it off/placing it on to get the size. Or just hold her hand romantically, and inspect the ring. It’s not hard to find it out, just put some effort.

Everybody has a wish, there must be something she wants and can’t get herself. It’s not too hard to find something, just don’t be lazy about it. You probably won’t miss with jewellery tho’. And once again, the easiest way is online shopping. You will get past all the traffic jams, shops and stuff. Find it, order it in time and sit back to relax until it comes. Make sure she doesn’t see it before it arrives!