Tips for buying an engagement ring

Tips for buying an engagement ring

If you are thinking about getting married with the person you love, maybe you have thought about buying engagement rings to formalize the commitment that exists between the two. For many people this purchase represents a heavy expense before the wedding.

Tips for buying an engagement ring

Here are some suggestions so that your finances are not affected if you are thinking of proposing a marriage soon:

  • Consider how much you can spend. Consider how much you can invest in the ring taking into account the financial commitments you already have, as well as the budget you have set aside for this purpose. Visit different establishments until you find something that suits your budget.
  • Take advantage of the months without interest. There are many jewelries that launch promotions to months without interest at different times of the year, you can use your credit card and thus make smaller payments instead of having to pay a very strong amount in a single exhibition.
  • Save. If you are thinking of doing it within six months or more you can assign a monthly fee until you get the amount you want. Save now so that when the time comes to buy it you have the amount you had budgeted.
  • Get a credit. Among the options for acquiring an engagement ring, there is also that of credit. You can request a personal loan, and go paying the jewelry little by little. This can be a solution if you do not have much money at the moment, or if you have many expenses related to this stage of your life.
  • Look for a professional jewelry. Go to established places, and make sure that the jewelry you buy has its certificate of authenticity, as well as a ticket that lists the characteristics of the stone or diamond you are buying.
  • Visit pawnshops. These institutions, often, have jewels of this nature in very good condition, which their owners could not rescue. Therefore, it is a good idea to approach them to explore this possibility.
  • Protect your investment. Once you buy the ring, consider hiring some insurance to protect it in case of theft or loss, these services are available in the jewelry houses, and are usually accessible, even if the price of the ring is too high.

Remember that an engagement ring is an investment for life. Make a planned purchase according to your possibilities, especially do not rush and take your time before making a decision.

unforgettable going away party

Make an unforgettable going away party

Its also not the same party if you are making it for your poker buddy or your girlfriend, or perhaps for a close or distant member of family. Think twice what kind of party would they like, even if you don’t like doing it like they prefer. The most important thing if to get the party right and get going away gift or gifts something they might find useful on their destination.

Make sure the party is: special, sentimental and memorable. This party should help the person to remember the good old days. Here are some rules you must obey to make going away party and gifts they way they should be.

Photos, theme, food, drink

Try and find some photos of person with all of attendants. Try to put them in different places in the room/house or wherever you are holding a party. You can make some gigantic photos, or frame a dozen in one place. You can also make a slide show on walls if you got the means to do it. Remember to contact guest for pictures. You are not the only one with camera. You can also make one of going away gifts a photo album where every guest will bring a few photos.

unforgettable going away party

Like any other party, you can have a theme. If a person going away likes Star Wars, rock music, certain part of history or certain part of science, you can use that to make him/her feel even more special. Just don’t make a mistake and call other people who know what’s a person’s special interest if you aren’t too sure.

Make a food simple, connected to theme if possible. It should be as tiny as possible to allow people taking it in hands of small plates with no forks and spoons. Finger food and some cheese will do the trick. Steak might be exactly the opposite and wrong.

OK, now lets talk alcohol…I mean drink, what am I thinking. You don’t want people to get too drunk, so it remains a memorable party without police :). Wine and beer or some other low alcohol drink will be much better choice than tequila or whiskey. You don’t want person going away to remember this party by some drunk friend throwing his guts out and talking or doing some nasty stuff.

Going away gifts

As we already mentioned, you must have some kind of going away presents. They can be individual or you can all collect some money and buy something expensive. Or you can do both. Personal going away gift can be a book, a CD, or some sweets a person really enjoys.

And don’t make dramatic speeches this is not the way anyone wants to remember their friends by. If you must make a speech, make sure it is humorous and doesn’t feel the person too nostalgic. After all party is all about fun, not your speech.

Gift for Your Father

How to Pick a Gift for Your Father

You want to thank your dad, with a present, for always being there for you. The man who has been protecting you ever since you were born, the guy who would do anything for you. He still does the same, and now it’s your turn to prove yourself, thanking him.

You probably don’t want to give him such as shoes, a tie, a shirt or similar. Especially if he’s older, he’s had enough of that kind of presents. Make something different, something new that’s gonna place a smile on his face. Your goal is to make him feel loved and respect, not old.
Gift for father

Dad Gift doesn’t have to be for Old People

If he loves cooking, a cooking handbook would be nice, why not to learn, and help his wife, it will tighten their relationship, give it life.

A movie ticket to cinema, preferably a comedy, why not to laugh once in a while, especially if you’re  a bit older, and need to add some fun to your regular, boring day.

He cares about his car, keeps it clean and fancy? Buy him a mini vacuum or such, help him maintain his wonderful ride. He likes working around the house, it makes him feel useful? Buy him a toolbox, always comes in handy.

If he’s in love with literature, buy him a good book he always wanted to read, instead of borrowing it in the boring library.You can even make something by yourself that he’ll appreciate, after all, you know what he likes the best.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Mostly, men are not open and emotional as women are, but they surely couldn’t resist to give you a kiss and a hug for your well-though gift, and they time and effort spent. He will appreciate it, that’s for sure.

Some of the ideas:

Something casually romantic.

Being creative and thoughtful about a perfect gift for someone is definitely better than something extremely expensive. If your boyfriend occasionally gives you flowers, why not return the favor? Give him a fancy vase of roses, white or red, you’ll be the only girl in his life who gave him flowers. It’s gonna be lovely and extremely cute, yet original and special.

Of course there is something more simple to do. Simple birthday party, cook his favourite food, bake awesome cake, invite friends over. He’ll surely love it, make it a surprise.

Maybe some kind of love notes, especially if you’re dating for a while and feel like it’s turning too serious. This will appear as cute, as you’re in fresh, young love. Leave the notes all over the place during the way where he’s gonna find them. Little similing during the day, thinking of your loved one just sounds irresistible.

Something he desires.

If there is some kind of gadget, phone, music player, headset or any other thing he wants, and you can afford to buy it, do it. He’s gonna love it, you can’t miss with that since it’s something he wants.

Something naughty.

 A new boxers, with special fabric is a funny, yet intimate gift is definitely gonna remind him of your intimate times spent together.

Something traditional

A gift baskets are always an option with any gift. You might wanna give him one with wine, some chocolates, movie and such which you two can use in spending evening together, and enjoy in it together.

If he’s a suit guy, get him a tie, a watch for a wrist or something that’s gonna fit his current suit. Staying fancy never brought any troubles.

Something saying „I love you“

If you’re insanely in love and want to express your feels, you can openly speak to him about it, or make a letter containing everything you want, each part of your feelings. If you’re not there yet, and you want to be, giving him a key to your house/apartment is definitely „I love you, let’s go to the next level“ thing.

Also, be careful not to push it too far if you don’t feel like it, or it’s not the time. What matters is how you two feel about each other, how comfortable you feel around your loved one. It’s really doesn’t matter how much you spend, it’s about your feelings, do what you think is right.

Birthday Gift For Crushes

Birthday Gift For Crushes

We have all been younger, if not still, and we know how it is to madly like someone, your crush. Sometimes, we keep it inside and it just dies silently with you, eating you while you should’ve show your feelings. On the other, better side, it finishes up with actually hooking up with the person, growing into more serious and stable relationship.

Of course you need guts to spill out your feelings for someone. It’s not the problem in talking, you’re afraid of refusal just like everyone else, and that’s okay. Their answer could be the scariest thing you’ve ever heard in your life.

Now, the right time to show feelings with a nice gift is their birthday. The present must show your caring for them, but yet no be too romantic. Of course it’s a hard choice, you don’t want to go wrong with that.

Guy Crush – 3 Birthday Gifts

DVD of some guy, manly movie you can’t go wrong with.

It’s not a secret that everybody, especially men love some good movies. Find out what kind of movies do they like and hey, you might end up watching it together with him.

Food gift basket

Who doesn’t like a snack basket, especially if it’s themed on something they simply love and go without. They’re useful for a nice party, socializing. And everybody loves something sweet.


A little pocket knives are useful and needed for everyone, and especially awesome thing for guys to have in their pockets. They are semi-functional, and can be taken anywhere with him.

Girl Crush –  3 Birthday Gifts

Gift Card

Everyone love gift cards, especially women. Especially if you haven’t decided on what to buy her, she’s that complicated and tough to read. You shouldn’t go wrong with it since it’s just a crush and once again, present shouldn’t be too much. This might even be perfect.

Gardening Kit

Usually people don’t like gardening, not every girl does it but if she has a place with a yard, gardening is a pretty nice hobby to be doing if you have nothing better to do. The gardening kit is pack of pretty small tools, and excellent to start with if your crush hasn’t worked with such as shovel yet.

Coffe and tea basket:

Business women, hard-working students and such tend to have cup of tea or a coffe during the day. Those baskets always contain some kind of cookies or such and that might makes your crush to invite you to enjoy them together as you were so nice to gift it.

Yet, nobody knows how you feel about your crush and you’re probably the only one who can know what’s the best gift to show those feelings.

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Spouse

Happy first wedding anniversary! Woah, you made a whole year in marriage with each other? Damn, that’s some love. You haven’t got bored. There’s still love, passion, care. So when it comes to this day, being married for one year already you’ll want to give your partner gift of appreciation and endless love, let’s make it 100 years more! But, what’s the perfect present? No worry, we got some awesome ideas for you!
First Wedding Anniversary

  1. Tickets. Possibilities are unlimited, but you know your in common interests! Is it gonna be tickets for concert, movie, theater play, sports match, amusement park, or some festival tickets? It can be expensive but yet you can go pretty cheap. Or maybe tickets to escape for the day, getaway, only two of you, romantic, huh?
  2. Books. If you and your partners are in love with literature and always in the mood for a good book, gift them a good one, one they’ve always wanted to read. Or one they might like, based on the genre they usually read.
  3. Bouquet of fake flowers. They shouldn’t be expensive at all, it depends. Point is that that flowers will never die unlike real ones. They will live as long as your love will, unless you decide to throw them out. Also if you’re creative, you could make them yourself.
  4. Photo Album. Are you collecting pictures of you two for a while now? Perfect way to put them all in one, and make a beautiful photo album full of memories in it. Or choose an awesome picture from wedding, decorate the special album for it.
  5. Paintings. If they’re kind of type who loves art, they won’t resist an amazing painting to hang in your bedroom or living room. Let it show the love, don’t get someone lousy cheap painting. If you’re an artist, paint one!
  6. Message in a bottle. Old idea, but still effective and extremely romantic. Poem, or love letter inside. Nobody resists reading those when dedicated to them. Write on how you feel. Don’t forget to decorate it nicely, be creative!

Of course there’s bunch of others ideas but nobody knows your spouse as good as you do. Just think harder, it’s not impossible to get perfect gift for them to love.

You can get some good ideas from this video also

Valentine’s gift for your lesbian partner

Valentine’s gift for your lesbian partner

It’s already February? So, several more days and.. Valentines? Time flies so fast. The 14th of this month is day which reminds you of your love, your care and intimacy for each other. Your commitment. Same as with hetero couple; lesbians must not be any less appreciated or less worthy than anyone else. No matter how long have you been dating, Valentine’s present for loved one is expected! Oh, but you don’t have any ideas? Let’s make it unique instead of casual heart shaped candy, stuffed animals and similar. Let’s go for something unusual, something that will leave memories. Some ideas are provided here to help you.
Valentine’s gift

Jewellery. Not only chocolate industry should be making money on this day. If your partner, and she probably does, love jewellery then you’ll want give her a necklace or a bracelet which can hold more attachments and charms on it. Is it going to be something super expensive or just fancy, depends on your budget. Your loved one will understand. Through your time together you will surely gather some items that will hold memory. Make sure you hang it around the necklace/bracelet given, as it’s collector of your precious times.

Both emotional and physical caressing. Anybody in the right mind loves having free time for themself, doing what they want. You can make that for her, giving her a day off on this beautiful day. Go out for a nice dinner that you love based on common interests, have a romantic drink. Later, give her a massage, prepare her a lovely bath. Sounds better than box of candy huh?
Valentine’s gift for your lesbian

Make her wish come true. Everybody has material and emotional desires which are apparently not so easy to come true. Gather information from her family and friends, people who know her well. You yourself should also know what she always wanted and couldn’t make it happen.

Your caring is expressed by your actions and not presents, remember that. If you’re going for a material gift, make sure you also show love physically and emotionally. Be yourself and comfortable with what you’re doing, good luck!

Christmas Gift for your Gay Partner

Christmas Gift for your Gay Partner

We have to be honest for once with absolute no disrespectful meaning; gay persons are definitely different than straight. And it’s what makes choosing perfect gift for your partner difficult. Homosexual men can go as far to feminine spectrum or stay masculine, in most cases. The feminive guys are definitely more sensitive and emotional and care about gifts more than „macho“ tough ones. Let’s not make it flowers or jewelry, let’s thing of something unique as you appear to be idealess.

If you know them well, cologne won’t be bad present. Everybody likes to smell good. Make sure it’s some famous industry such as „Armani“, make it fancy. You don’t spend all of the cologne in one day like a chocolate, it’ll last for a while. Also, why not going to shopping with him. Simple as that. Just make sure it’s a little more thoughtful than usual.

Everyone surely love a good cocktail as it’s something we don’t drink every day. By gifting him a nice set of cocktail glasses you’ll say: „Hey, let’s make an awesome cocktail party“. Well, it is going to be with friends/family or private, up to you.

Gay men seem to be fond of theater. Even if they’re usually not, there surely is at least one play in the world they’ll like, like anybody else. Romance, drama, comedy, history plays or even a musical play. There is variety of genres and plays, you will surely find something.

If your relationship is still new, you might want to be careful with gifts and make sure you don’t rush things too far and too soon.

It doesn’t matter can you skate, tho’ you surely can, ice skating is pretty awesome. It’s always fun for everybody, and goes up to being slightly romantic. It’s perfect for fresh relationship.

Knowing their personality is definitely the biggest help you’ll find. Remember that. After all, if you are in mature relationship your partner will surely appreciate any kind of gift and know you did your best. Well, maybe cook him Christmas Dinner, make a snowman together… it’s also in the little things like those. Good luck!

18th Birthday Gift Ideas for daughters

The Ultimate 18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Daughters

Debuts are sentimental occasions. Now that your daughter is coming of age and entering into adulthood, it may feel like time swiftly passed you by. The rebellious adolescent stage is now finally coming to an end, and she is evolving into a responsible adult right before your eyes. 18th birthday celebrations call for creativity with the right balance of luxury and practicality. Since it is at this age that your daughter also goes to college, you have to find the balance between doing something special for her birthday and preparing for her educational costs.  If you are in need of birthday gift ideas, a number of them can be found on the internet.
18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Daughter

Here are some great examples of 18th birthday gifts you can give your daughter to celebrate her special day.

    1. Clothes – Usually, 18th birthdays are celebrated with a night out with friends. It is expected that being the celebrant, your daughter would want to look their best. Taking her shopping to choose the dress she will wear is a wonderful birthday gift idea for her. Help her transform from an awkward teenager to an elegant young lady ready to take on the world. She could also be soon transferring into a new state so a new wardrobe could be valuable and is an excellent 18th birthday gift.
    2. Fashion accessories – Now that your daughter is developing into an adult, she may be very conscious about “looking all grown up.” She may no longer fancy her headbands and candy-colored totes. One of the perfect 18th birthday gift ideas is to give her timeless and classic pieces of accessory that marks her transition into womanhood. Leather handbags and designer scarves or shoes will surely please her.
    3. Jewelry – When your daughter reaches 18, she may decide to modify her lifestyle, including her choice of jewelry. Dangling earrings and chunky neon bracelets may not be to her liking anymore. Personalized jewelries are one of the best birthday gift ideas for women. A classic pair of diamond earrings that can go with any outfit or a ring with her birth month’s gemstone will surely make her happy. A bracelet engraved with her name and a necklace pendant are also good 18th birthday gift ideas.
    4. Make-up and perfume – A designer bottle of perfume or make-up is a unique birthday gift. A make-up set from a luxurious brand is a wonderful birthday gift idea for your girlfriend. You can put together a kit consisting of basic make-up essentials and include a bottle of perfume in the bag. For a girl transitioning into a lady, she would surely want to look good and smell good.
    5. Her own car – If money is not a problem, one of the best 18th birthday gifts would be surprising the debutant with her own car on her birthday. To make the gift sweeter, have the car fitted with the latest accessories that will benefit the celebrant’s lifestyle.
    6. A decadent family dinner – Girls are known for being sentimental and truly valuing family. If you are looking for birthday gifts for her, why not invite the entire family to a sumptuous dinner at her preferred restaurant? Ask her favorite cousins and relatives to come over and celebrate her birthday. Arrange for the restaurant staff to bring her a cake and sing her a birthday song. With the popularity of mob dance these days, you can organize one for her, too, to make the night more memorable. The celebration would surely be treasured in her heart.
    7. Loosen up on parental control – Probably one of the superlative 18th birthday gifts that you can give your daughter is independence. If she has been bugging you about going on a foreign trip or attending a party out of town, now is the best time to allow them. Your daughter needs to experience being on her own so she can learn to be responsible for her actions. If parents raise their children with the correct values and trust them to do the right thing, they surely will.
    8. A personalized birthday poem – A poem especially dedicated to her birthday is a sweet 18th birthday gift for girls. Your daughter may not be as confident as she should be when entering adulthood, especially when people expect her to be independent. Let her know that you still have her back with a thoughtful poem you can write personally or by a professional poet. Frame the poem together with her photo and you have an excellent 18th birthday gift.
    9. Electronic gadgets – We typically want to give extravagant 18th birthday gifts to the celebrant. If she is the techie type, giving the latest iPad or laptop can make her squeal in delight. Encourage the celebrant’s creativity by giving her gadgets that can improve her artistic skills like digital cameras or tablets that have features which would help her hone her talent.
    10. A personalized journal – If the debutant is a passionate writer, you can give her a journal where she can pour her thoughts and ideas into. This is a thoughtful 18th birthday gift idea for daughters. You can buy journals that are bound in leather or velvet and have it embossed with her name. Compile her friends’ messages and greetings, including yours, in the journal. This will be her memory bank as she journeys into adulthood.

Your daughter will only be 18 once so make sure to be creative when choosing her 18th birthday gifts. Give something significant that she will remember even when she’s old and way beyond her early adult years

unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Fantastic 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

If  a friend or a family member of yours is soon turning 50, and we all know turning to the big 5-0 is all about reveling in the mark the celebrant has made in the world, it is time to make your best creative move and give the celebrant the best 50th birthday gifts ever. This is no ordinary birthday and now that that special day is approaching, have you already decided what gift to buy? If you need 50th birthday gift ideas, we have listed some suggestions on what to give someone about to celebrate a big milestone.
50th Birthday Gift

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

If the celebrant is a woman, you would want to give them something that mirrors their personality and reflects who they are. A delightful 50th birthday gift for women would be jewelries. You can be traditional and present her with a gold jewelry. Alternately, you can give her a ring or a pair of earrings that has her birthstone and it would be just as great. Since turning 50 marks five decades of living, another thoughtful 50th birthday gift idea would be a bracelet with trinkets that symbolize the most important aspects of her life. These trinkets can symbolize her family, pets or the places she has been to or wish to visit. If you do not have the means to buy jewelry, clothes and bags always save the day.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Men are generally known to be enthusiastic about sports. Gift ideas for 50th birthday include an equipment for his favorite sport, cigars, cigar holders and cuff links. To make your gift more personalized, have them engraved with the celebrant’s name or initials. Read about 50th birthday gift ideas and put a lot of thought into it before deciding what to buy. At 50, your friend is well on his way into retiring so give him something substantial and entertaining at the same time.

There are people who want to spend their 50th birthday by celebrating with friends and family. At this age, they come to realize that it is time spent with the people you love that matters most. If you want to help your friend organize the celebration as a 50th birthday gift, browse the internet for some 50th birthday party ideas. Hosting one can be taxing and the celebrant will surely appreciate your help. Also, you can give him or her something that can be used during the party, like appetizer trays and wine decanters. These will make practical gifts as the celebrant can use them for other events. Another idea would be to make 50th birthday gift baskets the celebrant can keep for himself or give away as souvenirs. There is no limit on what you put inside the basket and it is up to you how much it will cost.

For a friend who wants to travel, a fitting 50th birthday gift idea would be to give them a suitcase or a carry-all they can use on their trip. If you don’t like to give suitcases and bags, there are still numerous ideas for 50th birthday gifts for you. Paying for the hotel, airplane ticket or tour are just some of the examples. You can also give travel essentials like a passport holder or a playlist they can listen to while in transit to their destination.

If your friend is feeling nostalgic on his or her birthday, unique 50th birthday gift ideas include a personalized year book. Take him or her a trip down memory lane by compiling notes, photos and clippings of the happiest memories of their life. Include birthday greetings and messages and file them in a journal. You can also put in movie and music CDs they enjoyed when they were younger.

Giving a 50th birthday gift needs a lot of thought but it is not impossible to find something with meaning. Remember that the most important thing is to celebrate the life the celebrant has lived and cheer them on the new chapters they are about to face.