Give Amazing Gifts With A Twist!

If your gift is a stuffed toy or a teddy bear, have its neck pop on top of the gift box. You can put the tag around its neck or ears too. Instead of tying a ribbon around the entire box, tie it around the toy’s neck. That way, it will appear as if the teddy is peeking out of the box to see its new owner.
amazing gifts

  1. If you are giving a watch or a bracelet as amazing gifts, a creative way to wrap it is by hanging them in the branches of a potted plant. Of course, the plant has to be a miniature and should be synthetic to make sure the branch is strong enough to hold the gift. Whatever amazing gift ideas you have, it will be certainly more special if it is “wrapped” this way. For the romantics, this can be the perfect way to propose to your partner.
  2. Plush toys can be more than just toys if you have them wear the awesome gift you are giving. For instance, pick a character stuffed toy that is a favorite of the celebrant and have it wear the gift.  Awesome gifts for women usually include jewelry and imagine her delight when she sees a nice necklace in the neck of her favorite character. Making that additional effort would make your gesture extra special. If you are not too keen about exposing your amazing gifts, you can keep it in its box and put the box in the hand of the plush toy.
  3. To make your gift more appealing and extra unique, write messages or make drawings on your gift box using a glue gun. For example, write the words “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” using the hot glue from the gun then dust it with glitter. Wait for a few minutes to let the glitter cling to the glue and then shake off the excess. Not only are your awesome Christmas gifts sparkly, the wrapper is glittery, too. If you have multiple words to write, you can use a different shade of glitter for each word. If you are giving away awesome baby gifts for a themed party, a trick in packaging includes using wrapping paper in line with the theme of the party. Everybody loves receiving awesome gifts that looked like a lot of work thought has been put into wrapping it.
  4. Though it might cost a little more than usual, buying a box that can contain a lot of knickknacks. The box should be big enough to hold your gifts but it should also be light enough to carry. Awesome graduation gifts include giving home essentials or clothes and placing them in a box is a convenient idea. Imagine how easy it would be to wrap mugs, candles, plates, utensils and blankets when they are all fit perfectly inside a box. Also, if you have a surprise gift, using a box is the way to go. You can hide your gift in a “decoy” gift and it would be fun to have the celebrant search for the surprise gift.

Do not be afraid to be creative and have your gifts in unconventional ways. There is more to gift giving than just the gift itself. The wrapper also is a huge factor. Great gift ideas should also be accompanied with just as great gift wrapping ideas.