Going away to college presents

Going away to college presents

If you want a great  going away gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend or any regular friend who goes away to college and you will see him/her rarely, you should get them something useful. It can be a cheap gift, but if it helps them in their learning or studying, it will be an amazing and really appreciated gift.

Some kinda frame or picture bord with pictures of them and you would be nice, they can hang it on the wall and always look at it, and remember you and your times spent together. Maybe a small photo album which fits to pocket would be better idea, since they can have it everywhere they go.
Going away to college presents

Gift cards are always a good option, especially if you’re in bad economical situation and need to use your common sense. If it’s real friendship or relationship, a nice caring giftcard will be enough. A small basket of sweets or any treats they love is a fancy and cute gift, and you can’t possibly go wrong with it, ever. Throw in a giftcard, a CD of some song/album they love or a movie, their favourites.

Make them a small book cotaining contacts information and pictures of people they’re on good relationship in. Also add important events and their birthdays in it, should come in handy. Get them supplies they’ll need for their work, such as pen, notebooks etc. Also hygienic supplies wouldn’t be bad.

Pajamas with references of their favorite band or anything cute and silly enough would be great. iPod, MP3 player or such so they can listen to music anywhere at anytime would be awesome. Of course, any kind of device for you to stay in contact with them is important.

Moving to college – what gift to get them?

Get them watch, so they always know what time it is wherever they are. A new laptop would be appreaciated, it doesn’t have to be any expensive gamer one, just enough to support Internet and such as skype so you can stay in contact. It will also help them in their studying.

Also, some kitchen supplies are welcomed, why not getting them a toaster? They can even place it in their room. Coffe maker, nobody starts their day without coffe anymore. Microwave, popcorn popper? They’d sure appreciate some cups. Mini fridge?

Minor medic basket or medic kit is very, very and indeed very caring gift. Contaning such as pain relievers, cough syrup, first-aid cream, itch cream, bandages, tums, pepto, thermometer, anything that can come in handy.

Some decorations like posters, mirror, warm sofa or any part of furniture will be very useful if they’re moving to a dorm.Also tool kit is very useful, contaning hammer, screwdrivers and such, it’s always in use in every home, and everybody freaks out if it gets lost.

What students need is money, that’s why you give them giftcards, but if you’re in such relationship with them and your financial status is good, money will be appreaciated and very very useful.

Another very cute gift is a blanket. Small, warm blanket they can wrap around themselves and cuddle with is surely one of the best things ever.