How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

How to choose the perfect engagement

There is a moment that changes everything which is the engagement! That instant in which they run out of breath, while they take a couple of seconds to process what happens.
How to choose the perfect engagement

The role of the ring

When speaking of declarations of love, undoubtedly, the diamond is the number one to complement any engagement ring. After all, it is the strongest stone of nature, without forgetting to be also the most luxurious. The perfect material balances the bright and delicate conferring beauty and a sense of desire or achievement.

While a diamond ring is the perfect sign of commitment and irrevocable true love for a lifetime. Your choice should not be taken lightly. Then how to know what is the ideal? Follow these 5 simple steps:

Who is the ring for?

Obviously this is clear to the groom, but not the jewelry. The selection of the ideal piece varies depending on many factors, coming into play preferences and what looks to the girl in question.

That is why, when entering the search for this important jewelry, it is common to have to answer questions about the bride: how she dresses, what her job is, what are her hobbies, what stands out in her personality, and they even show a photograph before receiving a tip on the most appropriate one.

The goal is to buy the one that makes you illusion, without obsessing about the size of the stone or raving if it will be little or much, the fundamental thing is the symbolism, which represents the essence of what you feel for each other. In simpler words, what is truly essential is its meaning. After all, it will be a jewelry that will be a special part of your life. Your choice must be a direct reflection of the bride’s personality.

Search without company

The jewelry will be the only ally in this adventure. It is a mistake to support the idea of ​​finding the perfect ring in the company of his mother or the girlfriends’ friends. The reason for the dimension is that women and men are fixed in different aspects of a jewelry.

The most likely thing is that they keep the prospect of an outstanding diamond, which looks more and which is higher. When the reality is that specialists advise giving more importance to crimping. What does this mean? Although it should be the central focus, it is not appropriate to give it excessive height, the brides of today want to wear their ring every day without worrying about hitting it.

The stone

For excellence, solitaire is the recommended piece for being classic, simple and with personality. The best thing about diamonds is that each one has characteristics that make them unique. Of all the alternatives, it is a diamond “river” one of the most recommended for being totally colorless.

The certification of the piece is governed by an international code endorsed by the American Gemological Institute of four variables called “4 C”: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The first defines the beauty of the stone and the second measures the purity.

For its part, the ideal is that a diamond engagement is colorless. Although almost none is perfectly transparent. Regarding the carats, they are the ones that give the weight and the size but do not determine the value of the diamond, because the price is given by the confluence of the four C.


According to the opinion of multiple jewelers, men come to the stores with the idea of ​​personalizing the engagement rings they are going to buy, apparently enjoying telling their future fiancés “I designed it myself”. Details as simple as changing the shape of the piece or recording a message inside, make the jewelry pieces unique and with greater emotional value.

Technology for everything

If you have a smartphone, you will have an incredible world of possibilities, with the help of your iPhone or Android phone you will find specially designed applications to choose the perfect engagement ring. Thanks to them, it is possible to have key tools that help, for example, to determine the exact size of the ring.

If you have a photograph of the hand of the bride, you will get a clear visualization of how the different proposal rings will look. Also, the application provides the opportunity to share the most feasible models with acquaintances in order to receive opinions and, once she has accepted, communicate the commitment through social networks.