Planning A Casual Wedding  

A casual wedding can be a relief to many couples because it doesn’t come with the pressure of making grandiose plans. For low key couples, those on a budget, or those who have few family and friends, a casual wedding is often a dream come true.

The biggest mistake many couples make when having a casual wedding is falsely believing that Wedding Planning is unnecessary. Small, casual weddings still require meticulous planning, just less of it. However, planning a wedding does not have to be difficult or overwhelming when done correctly.

Couples must ensure they are providing for their guests, especially if the wedding is set to take place outdoors. This type of wedding calls for some way to shield guests from the sun beating down on them. One simple way to do this is to erect a tent where guests can gather to get some shade and cool off on a warm day. This is also helpful in the event that rain dampens a couple’s wedding.

Don’t forget the trip to and from the church pre and post ceremony.  Limousines are the go-to vehicle of choice, and although they can be expensive, they don’t have to be.  Look for reputable companies, that charge reasonable rates, and you’ll still be able to create that once-in-a-lifetime ride on a budget.

Even casual weddings require seating arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Couples should ensure that their guests will be able to see everything going on no matter where they are sitting. Having everyone assigned to sit in a specific seat will allow the ceremony and reception to proceed smoothly. Failure to plan a seating arrangement means chaos could ensue.

Every couple has their own vision of what constitutes a casual wedding. Guests should be informed in advance exactly what a couple’s definition of a casual wedding is. These weddings often take place on a day other than Saturday or Sunday, typical days of the week to hold a wedding. They can take place much earlier in the day than more formal weddings usually do.

One aspect couples should avoid when planning a casual wedding is running a cash bar at the reception. Couples who are on a tight budget can and should choose to offer an open bar but limit it to a small selection of beer and wines, which are much more affordable than liquor. Even at a casual wedding, guests will not appreciate being asked to pay for drinks.

Casual weddings still call for invitations to be mailed to guests’ homes. Online invites are often used for other casual events but it is frowned upon using them for a wedding. To fit wedding invitations into a tight budget many couples choose to design and print out their own invitations at home.

A timeline should be created when planning any wedding day, no matter how casual it is. This allows everyone involved in the wedding to be on the same page so that there is no confusion amongst them on the big day. The more the day is structured the happier everyone will be, including the wedding guests themselves.

Lastly, a plan for cleaning up the wedding site at the conclusion of the day must be devised in advance. Couples should avoid leaving their venue a mess whether it is at a private home or a public location.