Wedding Favors For A Beach Wedding

seashells gifts

If you are planning a beach wedding, or simply want a beach-themed wedding, it is only appropriate that your wedding favors are also in line with this theme. Choose beach gifts that are not only tasteful but also useful to your guests. Your souvenirs also impact the ambiance of your wedding so be careful when choosing them. It is not difficult to find novelty gifts for your guests. You just have to find the best supplier that can give you good value for your money. Make sure that when your guests leave the party and see the souvenir at home, they will remember the celebration fondly.

Considering that weddings entail spending a lot of money, it is only understandable that you would want your wedding favors to be of good quality but at an affordable price. Your beach gift ideas should be reminiscent of the sun, sand, and beach.  This article will help you decide on what beach-themed gifts you can give to your guests.

You can place votive candles inside small glass jars and decorate it with sea shells. It is easy to do but makes a nice wedding favor. The materials you need can be easily found in craft shops. They also come in different sizes and colors. Buy in bulk so you can avail of discounts. Fill each jar with a quarter-full of colored sand before placing the candle inside. Finish it off by tying a twine around the neck and you have yourself thank you gifts for your wedding guests.

Another creative and affordable beach gifts are seashells. Party supply stores and craft shops sell them regularly. Choose unbroken shells that are approximately same in size. Wrap the seashells in some colored tulle and tie it up with ribbons to make striking souvenirs. Alternatively, if you still want sea shells for your gifts, but have difficulty finding enough for your guests, there are suppliers that make seashell-shaped chocolates. The wonderful thing about this is you can choose your own flavors and cocoa content. These tasty treats are guaranteed to easily please anyone and everyone on your wedding day.

Refrigerator magnets in beach themes are also cool gifts that can be used as wedding favors. Magnets shaped as starfish, palm trees, sea shells, flip flops or beach balls perfectly fit as beach gifts for your wedding guests. Additionally, you can also give magnets shaped as crabs, dolphins, whales or other sea creature you like. Attached to the ref, these magnets can be seen often and will surely remind your guests of the wonderful time they had at your wedding.

Other unique gifts you can give are place card holders. They make for great table decorations during your reception and also serve as keepsakes for your guests. These personalized gifts are convenient and easy on the budget because they serve a dual purpose. You want place card holders that are themed with the beach or ocean. Examples include sailboats, anchors, slippers, beach balls and beach towels. Ask your supplier to make a lay-out that allows your guests to insert their photo in the place card when they go home. This will make for a great display on their homes.

The most practical and affordable beach gift you can give your guests are beach-themed bookmarks. To make these beach gifts more durable, choose something made of pliable plastic. Bookmarks are easy to find and layout. If you plan to give them as bridesmaid gifts, you can have it printed with a love verse at the front and then you can write a personal dedication and thank you note for each of your bridesmaid at the back. You can also include photos from your wedding day together with the bookmarks. Since photo booths are common these days, additional gift ideas would be to accompany the bookmarks with the photos of your guests taken during your wedding.